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June 28 2015


What is a MicroSD Card?


MicroSD cards are flash memory cards. They're a version of SD (Secure Digital) cards that are extensively used in cell phones, GPS, video games, mp3's, USB flash memory devices and a few other electronic devices. MicroSD cards would be the smallest possible SD cards of all SD cards available. - 32gb micro sdhc

A microSD card measures 15mm x 11mm x 1mm and weighs only 0.5 grams. This can be one fourth of the standard Sdcard size. It is this small sized the microSDcards that has allowed them to be used increasingly. The very first microSDcard was introduced by SanDisk and became quite popular from then on. This card is ratified by the SD Card Association. Initially, the microSDcard was available approximately 128 MB but now it varies from 16 MB to 2 GB. This implies that microSDcard stores exactly the same amount of data as the standard SD card however in a very tiny space.

A number of the modern devices like cellphones, GPS and ipods have microSDcard slot and thus these will not support the other SD cards. MicroSD cards have backward compatibility which can be one of its best features. Which means that even if the device doesn't specifically supports the microSDcard an adapter may be used to read or write data. Any device that features a SD or MMC slot are able to use the microSD card. All that is required is an adapter that accompany the card. This indicates how the microSD card can be used on almost any device that props up SD card. They can be quickly inserted in any of the device.

Different microSD cards have different storage capacities. The greater the storage capacity, the more expensive the card will be. Prepaid credit cards come in three different speed classes. A speed class is the minimum read/write speed for that card. Sometimes the read and the write speed for that microSDcard can vary.

The prices with the SD cards have fallen dramatically and the same goes for microSDcard. The microSD cards are extra expensive than the standard SD cards. The reason behind this difference is well justified due to its compact size.

One of the only drawbacks with the microSDcard is that it does not have a write protect switch. Which means that microSDcard cannot prevent accidental loss in your data. But all the other positive factors with the microSD card make it more useful in spite of this drawback. - 32gb micro sdhc

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